Thursday, August 18, 2016

Logo Options for OPaL's Chapel in DC

In just a few weeks we will be opening three incredible model homes in our first church renovation. Thought you might like to see our choices on logos and naming for OPaL's Little Chapel.

Friday, August 12, 2016

There is an OPaL because of My Mother, Eileen O'Brien (Oct 1944 - July 2016)

My mom passed away a few weeks ago, on July 28, 2016. She used to call me her shadow. For the first ten years of my life, that's exactly what I was. We had an incredible bond. Mom was funny, supportive (in her own special way), uber loyal (that's where I get it) and was just a good person. That simple, a really good person.

Every compliment or award I have ever received for our homes is rooted in my mom; I am her and with that our homes are too. Each OPaL home is created with a piece of my mom's energy, approachable manor and casual nature. 

I had so much more left to share with her. God had other plans. I miss so much already. Her legacy is in my children and even in each OPaL home. She was so proud of everything I touched. 

If you like me or my homes, you would've loved my mom, Eileen O'Brien.

My mom raised several race horses. Here are my parents at the Hunt Cup.

Mom and Paddy, my son.

Mom 5th Grade.

Mom at 17.

Mom and Dad

One of mom's winners.

Mom, me and Dad.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

WS Pittman Would Be Proud, I Hope

We continue to make great progress on the historic church at Morton Street Mews.

The rear addition to the historic church, with three 3-level row homes.

The front of the WS Pittman Church, with three 2-level row homes.

The interior of the end unit, turreted row home. Amazing!

Monday, July 4, 2016

The Sudden Loss of Lucy; A Loyal Companion and the L in OPaL

Our beloved Lucy lost a very sudden bought with a rare immune disease last week. In just three days she was gone. Lucy was an incredible dog. Smarter than most people. Loyal as the day is long. Kind and gentle.

I bought her as a Christmas gift to my partner at the time, many years ago. She was also the L in OPaL, which stands for the dogs in our lives at the time we named the company: Oliver, Parker and Lucy. She will be missed beyond measure. 

My mom used to say, 'as painful as the loss of a dog is, you would never trade the pain for not having had the dog in your life.' My mom's point was that the sorrow is a small price to pay for the joy they brought into our lives. 

Lucy Ruppert-Evans will be missed and never forgotten.

My favorite photo of her.

Parker (the P in OPaL) and Lucy at the beach on Thanksgiving, circa 2009.

The painting I had done by an artist in the Torpedo Factory for the OPaL website.

Lucy in one of our custom homes.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

OH MY GOODNESS! OPaL's Historic Church is Looking FAB-U-LOUS!

The WS Pittman Church at Morton Street Mews is taking shape. We just pulled down the construction fence yesterday. The huge arched windows have been installed on the front gable wall. The cornice on the turrets is on and simply a work of art. She needs a little more clean-up but you can see the building has good bones. We ordered 4' tall, copper finials for the top of each turret, hopefully they can be installed this week. Can't wait to see the completed homes in August.

WS Pittman Church (circa 1905) transforming into 6 rowhomes.

Copper Finials. One for each turret.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Cluss Alley in Hill East by OPaL / Coming Summer 2017

After two unanimous ANC votes and a unanimous HPRB vote today, we will be moving forward with our next alley project in DC: turning a vacant 1920's garage into two family-sized homes with 3 complete bedroom suites, garage parking, wide-open living areas plus a sunroom and sliding glass wall opening onto an oversized patio.

Thanks to all the neighbors for their comments and support. Can't wait to be working right along side you next year.  It'll be super fun!

Expected pricing will be $1,600,000 for 2,700 square of living space on only two levels.

A 1920's garage with a modern, glassy addition.

Two, family sized homes with incredible indoor space and sliding glass wall opening to a private side patio.