Saturday, October 19, 2019

OPaL Headed Back to Logan Circle! That's So OPaL!

It has been five years since OPaL has built a project in Logan Circle. Though we have done several renovations for private clients in the neighborhood, none were For Sale OPaL projects. Until now!

With two uber exciting projects now under contract and headed for ANC and DC Historic approval processes, we can introduce both::

The Obie, located at 1009 O Street NW will consist of 5, oversized 2 bedroom homes; all with outdoor space and most with off-street parking. 

Front elevation - The Obie on O Street - Logan Circle, DC

Rear elevation - The Obie

At the same time, we will be developing / renovating 934 O Street NW, just one block east of The Obie. Located on Naylor Court NW, directly adjacent our incredibly successful Naylor Court Stables (DC's 2013 House of the Year).  Here, we will convert the main house from 3 rental units into a single residence; while converting the carriage house into another home. Both homes will provide parking.

Front and side elevation - 934 O Street @ Naylor Court NW

Rear and side elevation - 934 O Street @ Naylor Court NW

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Jocko's in the House!

I have a great friend, Jocko Fajardo. He is one of the most creative people I know. And  because of what I do for a living, I am literally surrounded by creative people. From Greg, our architect and Shawn and Jill, our interior designers and the entire team at Lyons & Sucher Advertising; I have creative people everywhere around me. But Jocko, is on another level. He is a guy of many talents, from cooking to party planning to flower arrangement, he can do it all. 

In looking for away to thank our clients of kitchen renovations we have asked Jocko to prepare either a brunch for those clients in their new kitchens. I know they will love him and whatever amazing meal he prepares for them!

Meet Jocko
Flowers Jocko created for a party in our home this past summer!

The note Jocko created as an invitation to our client's in-home brunch.
Spices Jocko brought home from Israel.

The completed gift, wrapped by my super talented friend, Jocko.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

OPaL's Corner House. Landscape Plans are In.

One of the most interesting and best located homes we have ever built is 1706 Florida Ave NW. At 1,300 square feet the home will not be for everyone, however, you'll be hard pressed not to love this home. Located at one of the most prominent intersections in the city, where Florida Ave meets V Street. Just north of U Street. Just south of Adams Morgan. The land is a triangle. The home is clever. And now, the landscaping is simply incredible! With 4 varieties of seagrass, wrought iron fencing, Cherry Laurel hedge, blue stone pavers, Echinacea and Russian Sage plus dogwoods and two areas of lawn this will be someone's very special garden in the city.

Friday, July 12, 2019

DON'T DILLY DALLY, SILLY. Family Sized Townhomes || Walk to Metro || Walk to Movies || Walk to Grocers || Almost Sold Out

With just a few homes remaining at Montgomery County's most affordable elevator-ready townhome community, time is running low. Our scrumptious model home is open weekends 12-4. Stop by soon, no one does townhomes better than OPaL, true story. 

6' Tall windows on the bedroom level. 8' tall windows on the main level!!!
LET THE SUNSHINE IN. Compare to every other townhome in the area!

Entryways with a great vibe.

Kitchens that can fit Thanksgiving. Try that at another townhome in Montgomery County!!!

Optional elevators for now or later.

A townhome master suites that fit a king size bed....go figure.

Friday, June 14, 2019

How Cute is this House?

Someone just sent us this house to price for them. Just 650 square feet, it is adorable! Thought I'd share.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019


If you know OPaL, then you know we love a great entry to a home. There is something intangible and subconscious that a great foyer or entry hall does to your mood every time you come and go. They make you feel better. They make you have better thoughts. And if they're an OPaL entry hall they make you proud too! Here are a few of my favorites from the just the past 4 years of OPaL. (I'd be here all day if I dug deeper into the OPaL photo vault.)

See that black front door? It leads to an interior courtyard that then leads to the homes actual front door. That's So OPaL.

One of my favorite OPaL entry halls. We love a great site line that ends in an art wall, a window or a fireplace.

This one is literally OPaL. Our office is in this house.

Fessenden Street NW goes full out OPaL with this entry hall.

Kensington never saw this townhome foyer coming! What a bright and wonderful site line ending in an art wall.
That's So OPaL.

Have you seen a cuter foyer? Probably not.