Monday, August 18, 2014

Move Over! Granny's Moving In!

Just read a terrific article in the Post about a couple in Alexandria who put an addition on their home so their mom could move in with them. So I thought I would share how we did the same thing.  Knowing my mom, in the next few years, will need more assistance than she is willing to admit, I had our home designed from scratch to include a 'Granny Suite' over a second garage and connected with an enclosed breezeway. Since the apartment (with full bath, family room, complete kitchen and small balcony) is on the second floor we also roughed-in for a future elevator. So whenever Mom is are we!

Granny O'Brien this weekend with Paddy Ruppert
Granny's living room.
Granny's little kitchen and breakfast nook looks into our backyard.
Granny's super cute bedroom with pitched ceiling.

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