Wednesday, November 27, 2019

BEST of BETHESDA & OPaL Custom:: Best Builder Custom Homes & Renovations

Our first year being nominated and we won 2 categories of Bethesda Magazine's Best of Bethesda!

Readers’ Pick, Top Vote Getter, Best Builder for Custom Homes 

  Readers’ Pick, TopVoteGetter, Best Builder for Home Renovations 

To celebrate appropriately we had our ad agency design this incredible, full page, double-wide ad for Bethesda Magazine's Best of Issue in January. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Obsessed with this Swarovski Chandelier

As a side note. I am doing a light remodel of the bathrooms in my home. Slowly. Overtime. Last year I did the powder room. This year the master bath. Not a complete overhaul, just a refresh. There is a cool, pitched ceiling over the vanity and tub areas, so I have been thinking of removing the exposed beams (though I normally love an exposed beam, That's So OPaL, but they just don't work in this room).  I thought I could find an affordable, little chandelier to hang from the top of the pitch. Well, I found little, but not cheap. How incredibly beautiful are these chandeliers?

Image from the artist's web page.

The image I saw in Architectural Digest.