Friday, June 4, 2021

A Quick Kitchen Renovation in Cabin John!

One of our neighbors reached out a few months ago asking for us to help them with a kitchen renovation. However, they had a limited time frame as family would be joining them for the summer. In just a few months OPaL turned a vintage 1997 white on white kitchen into this sleek, modern, completely 'on-trend' kitchen. Complete with dark navy cabinets, modern ceramic flooring, oversized subway tile, a complete Thermador appliance package, custom built-in banquet seating and even floating shelves.  Even with covid delays still holding up their new fridge and microwave, the place looks great. We kept their old fridge and microwave, just incase.

This kitchen looks FAB. BU. LOUS; was done on a budget and is nearly complete in record time. That's So OPaL. That's Great Clients.

Nearly completed. Covid delays have left us missing a fridge and microwave. 

Look at that cute banquet by the windows.

Nearly complete, but looking great!




Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Branding 3 Neighborhood Projects by OPaL

We have three incredibly cool projects under construction on O Street NW, between 9th and 11th Streets NW. Smack dab between Shaw and Logan Circle and adjacent the Naylor Court / Blagden Alley Historic District. With a combined 9 homes we decided to brand them all as one OPaL project. We're calling them O! Street by OPaL. To this end we have hired our favorite people at Lyons & Sucher advertising and an Instagram specialist to get the word out. 

Below are the first round of logos. Once a single logo has been decided on, they will add color and move on to the rest of the branding.


Tuesday, April 13, 2021


By this time on Friday, April 16th, 2021 - almost our entire OPaL Team will have been Vaccinated for Covid 19. We will continue to socially distance, wear masks and wash hands. We are almost out of the woods on this things. Brighter days are ahead for sure.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

OPaL Wins DC Home of the Year! (Again)

This week the Great American Living Awards were held online for the first time in its history. However, when OPaL won DC Home of the Year, it was not our first time. Our Little Red Chapel became our 4 win of Home of the Year in just 7 years. We were runner up twice, still a huge success in a metro area full of incredible developers. We are very proud of Little Red Chapel, it truly was an honor to have worked on this project; converting a 1900 chapel into two homes that have been recognized around the country. The project was also a Merit Award Winner nationally, only being bested by the Woolworth Tower in Manhattan for the 2020 Best Historic Conversion in the country! Isn't that incredible? Our little chapel on Capitol Hill was runner-up to a project of that magnitude, budget and notoriety.

Front Elevation After OPaL

Front Elevation Before OPaL.

Rear Elevation Before OPaL.

Contemporary Rear Elevation After OPaL.

All new stain glass in the same pattern from 1900.

Newly created loft space in both homes.

Her eyes follow you everywhere.


Thursday, January 28, 2021

Unanimous Approval in Shaw for This Creative Duplex

 OPaL and the Blagden Alley - Naylor Court Historic District go way back. Now in 2021 we are set to begin work on another ground breaking project with a unique back-to-back duplex. The entrances to both homes will be from an interior courtyard with large window walls, a significant, center-piece Magnolia tree and an ivy wall. Both homes will have off street parking and one will have a guest suite on the second level of the carriage house. This is so OPaL.