Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Silver Spring's Best Kept Secret....A Farmer's Market

Who knew that just a few miles from Albany Grove in the heart of Silver Spring would be a terrific Farmer's Market? Well if you can get up and going early on Saturday mornings you mustn't miss it. You'll find all sorts of great produce ofcourse but also fresh cheeses and even home made bread & honey. The market is located at Ellsworth Drive & Fenton Street. But don't dilly dally as the market ends just past noon. Free parking is available adjacent the market.
Photos above provided by an Aspen Ridge homeowner, Enjoy!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Jersey Transplant Steve Roe Moves To Lombard Court

New Lombard Court resident and my personal Facebook friend Steve Roe just moved to Bmore and has been busy exploring already.

Pictured above on his roof terrace at Lombard Court with Matt, and in head to toe Yankee garb at Camden Yards with his BFF, Lauren.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Welcome to the OPaL Blog

Thanks for visiting the OPaL blog!  Which is really my work journal, so I hope you enjoy it.

   Look, this blog wont win a Pulitzer anytime soon. You'll see plenty spelling and gammer errors and maybe even some slang. However, you'll learn a little about why we build the homes we build in the areas we build them. You might also see what makes an OPaL home so special. I think it's an intangible quality; maybe even an energy that just feels good as you walk through our homes. The reading nooks. The interesting site lines. The use of sunlight. These are just a smidgeon of what makes our homes so very unique.  This is why our tag line reads: Homes as Unique as You Are. 
   Over the years I've met thousands of people in our model homes and the one thing that stays with me is the vocabulary people use to describe an OPaL home. Of course people give compliments; that's the polite thing to do. However, the words people use in our homes are not just a bunch of adjectives strung together. People use thoughtful, kind, and emotive expressions. Sometimes I even hear people gasp as they enter a kitchen or reach the top of the stairs. Quite often people will say our homes feel like a vacation home. Good. That's the point. I think you should live your life in surroundings that make you feel like your on vacation.
   OPaL homes are very much an expression and extension of who we are as builders, architects, designers and people. I hope our homes can also be an expression and extension of who our home owners are too.  That would be nice.