Thursday, August 23, 2012

When People Take the Time to Write Their Thoughts Down.....

It's one thing when people say nice things about our homes in person, however, when they take the time to put their feelings down on stationery and place a stamp on an envelope......the additional time, effort and thought means a great deal to the recipient.  I have always loved writing notes to people. However, it's even better to receive them, especially when it comes from an industry peer.  I thought I would share two notes I have received about the homes we build.  I think they sum what it is we do better than any marketing company or copy writer ever could.  Read on.......

(above) This has been framed and in my office since 2008. I remember the day Megan and her partner toured the model in Baltimore, I heard them gasp as they reached the main level of the home.  That home was quite special.

(above) I just received this note from a selling agent for our final home in Cabin John Crossing. It means a great deal when someone takes the time to put their thoughts on paper.  Thanks Daniel.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Concrete & Blue Ribbons

Today is our final day of judging for the Great American Living Awards.  The judges have visited our MacArthur for Home of the Year, Best Interior Design of homes priced over $1 million and today will be for Best Architecture of homes priced over $1 million.

Each award committee gives the home a blue ribbon for their favorite feature. Above are our ribbons for Window Design & Place as well as a ribbon for the interior design of the MacArthur living room.

Our first home in Chevy Chase is well under way and in record time.  Completion is expected this November!

Lombard Court at Fells Point, A Retrospective

Looking back at Lombard Court @ Fells Point
Our scale model was indeed a great representation of what the final product would look like.

Lombard Street elevations from the east and west.

Gated courtyard from the north looking south.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

What a Day: Demo, Dig & Be Judged

Yesterday began with receipt of our Demo (Raze) permit for The Stable in Logan Circle then quickly turned into a day of digging in Chevy Chase and ended with an incredible judging session by the GALA Judges for Home of the Year at Cabin John Crossing.

Took some time but we finally received the approval to 'Tear Down That Wall'

Check out the foundation excavation for Lot 42 at Village Twins in Chevy Chase

Meet 3 of our 4 judges from The Great American Living Awards in the MacArthur kitchen
The MacArthur is up for Home of The Year, the winner will be announced this fall.