Friday, October 26, 2012

Shepherds to the Left, Shepherds to the Right

Uncrated the mantle for the breakfast nook of my new home yesterday. Took so long to take the wooden crate apart, thought we'd find Jimmy Hoffa in there.  

It will look so cool in a modern, white on white kitchen. Right?

Monday, October 22, 2012


I think we have the best copywriter this side of Texas and if she weren't so expensive, I would have her write my blog entries too.  (But then they would lose all the poor grammar and misspelled words you all have grown to love or ignore. Plus I would never hear from some of my friends if it weren't to correct something they see here.)

Tierney has been writing copy for our web-site, brochures and press-releases for several years.  Tierney gets us, she gets our homes and she gets the OPaL brand.  Her words are moving, thoughtful and they eloquently convey who we are, who we build for and how people will live in our homes.  Plus she's a dog person too.

Check out the copy she sent me for the new 'Custom Home' section of our web site::

Couture Comes Home::
Some homes fit you nicely. And other homes are created to fit no one but you. OPaL's architecture, contracting and building team is now available to partner with you in the ultimate tailoring experience, molding our unrivaled, award-winning aesthetic to your every thought. Move. Habit. Desire. And breath. 


Friday, October 5, 2012

How Does it Go? Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed & Something Blue


This marble mantel belonged to my Great, Great Grandfather and more recently my Mom. In just a few weeks it will be installed in the breakfast nook of my new home at Cabin John Crossing.

After my parents sold the home I grew up in, the mantel was crated for storage.  It's been in that crate for almost 10 years until last week when we pried open the crate so the mantel could be measured.  It's pretty amazing, right?


How much do you love this Ralph Lauren chandelier with the stirrups and leather straps?!?  Can't decide if it will go in the stair tower or in the pitched ceiling of the sun room.


I think the mantel fits this category too, since I am just the temporary custodian.


 Well the whole house has been designed with shades of navy. So that takes care of the blue.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Channeling the Ralph Lauren Men's Store on Madison Avenue in NYC for OPaL's office and model home.

Take a look at the final color board plus the main level furniture plan for our office and model home that is now under construction along MacArthur Blvd.  I'll post the interior paint selections soon. 

Counter clockwise from upper left. Great Room:: paisley Coastal Harbor fabric on the windows, burlap on the walls, twin navy couches, huge leather ottoman, 2 chino carmel arm chairs, 1 striped arm chair plus gun-metal tables.  Kitchen:: navy and khaki Ralph Lauren fabrics on the windows and dining chairs.  Sun Room:: sisal rug, steel blue sectional with navy piping, espresso coffee table, ice blue and white arm chair plus the coolest floral window fabric.  Master Bedroom:: Greek Key wall paper, navy fabric on bed frame, crisp white sheers over plantation shutters, 1 black tall boy, 2 metal chest of drawers and Mumzy's (my Grandmother's) couch will be re-covered in an almond and navy check pattern fabric for the seating area behind the bed.

Main Level Furniture Plan.  My favorites are the Great Room's 2 distinct seating groups with back-to-back couches and the Breakfast Nook, we never do formal dining rooms, so our breakfast nooks seat 10-12, in this house a 86" round table will seat 10 in front of my Great, Great Grandfathers white marble fireplace.  

This will be a crazy-amazing house!