Saturday, February 2, 2013

The House in Something's Gotta Give

I was just interviewed for an article in Builder Magazine. The person asked me where we  find the inspiration for the memory points in our homes.  Which got me one ever does anything in a home or interior design for the first time.....everything is inspired from something or someone else. So where do the clever things in our homes come from?  After a moment of thought and honesty, my answer was:: pop culture.  I pay attention to great homes in movies and on TV, even trash TV.

Our trim details came from the homes in Home Alone and Desperate Housewives.  Our Internet nooks came from the home in Ozzy Osbourne's realty show. Our white on white kitchens with wood floors came from the kitchens in Something's Gotta Give and the Barefoot Contessa.  And so on.

The home from Something's Gotta Give......

If you haven't seen Something's Gotta Give, rent it just to see the house.....its perfection and you wont be the first to google it, nor the last.  Here are some pics of that house, which was just a sound stage.

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