Friday, May 31, 2013

Lover of the Written Word

I think we have one of the best copy writers in the country.  Her name is Tierney and she is also a cartomancer.  If you've never heard of this, it means she reads Tarot Cards, but even better, every Friday on Facebook she posts something called: Friday Night Confessions.  She will get 75-100 comments with people confessing their wayward ways of the previous week. It's a riot and I look forward to it each week.
I digress.  Tierney just sent me the final draft of the copy we will be using in our Custom Home brochure, check it out::

                                                   Homes With a Singular Perspective—Yours. 

                     There is a distinctive feeling to something created just for you. It's as if it were an extension of your body and soul, flowing as you flow, anticipating your every move and need. And when this creation is your home, it makes living in sync with your family’s authentic nature an everyday pleasure.

A small number of homeowners who share the OPaL aesthetic can now access the impeccable talents of our architecture, contracting and building teams to create the one home that embodies everything on their wish list. These are not homes adapted from our current designs. They are craftsman-quality homes birthed specifically for your site and from your vision to accommodate your every habit, move, desire and breath.

In more ways than one, there will never be another home quite like yours—a couture experience to fit every aspect of your life. OPaL only accepts a very small handful of these commissions each year. Make yours one of those homes. 

Makes you want to buy an OPaL Custom Home.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Panda, Canal, Baby Shower & Wood! Whats You Talkin 'Bout Willis??

HUGE WEEK FOR OPaL::  Panda, Canal, Baby Shower & Wood!

Let me explain::  We are expecting the delivery of our Panda Jockey from Cleveland anytime today. We also just received the final rendering for Canal Mews so now they can finish the site I.D. sign and web site. Additionally, we are prepping the model home for a HUGE baby shower this Sunday.  And the lumber should drop (that's a builder term, lumber drop) at The Stables, where we could be under roof in 2 weeks!!

Here he is, right before being packaged up for his long truck ride to DC.

All boxed up.

Canal Mews @ Palisades.  This will be such a fun project to build this summer and fall.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Just When You Thought The Palisades Couldn't Get Any Cooler:: Canal Mews Comes Along

Just incase you never knew, when a developer has a perspective rendering done (one in which the homes are drawn from an angle other than straight on) the artist must first make an wire frame of the structure to ensure the homes will be seen from the angle the developer desires.  Years ago they actually made the model from wire but of course today they are drawn on computer.

This is the perspective for OPaL's ever-so-cool 'Coastal Greystones' we will be building in the Palisades area of DC this summer.  Once approved the artist will add color to the homes, landscaping and a blue sky.  Fun stuff.