Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What Naylor Court Stables Almost Looked Like

For months I've been thinking about what kind of art we should have in our conference room. Maybe abstract, black and white photography of our homes or maybe something completely unrelated to real estate??  I just couldn't decide.  Until now!

When I receive an email from Greg, our architect, with his and my initial thoughts of a new project's design......it's better than Christmas morning to me.  I open those pdf's with a lot of excitement and I'm never disappointed.  Therefore I've decided to have a few of Greg's pencil drawings enlarged and framed for our conference room.  They'll look amazing!

Below are the three concepts that ultimately led to what we built at Naylor Court Stables.

Concept #1.  Three town homes with different elevations.

Concept #2.  Incase the city made us keep the existing garage structure, we would have created a motor court in front of the homes.

Concept #3.  My favorite.  However, the city made us remove a lot of the details to end up with the product we eventually built at Naylor Court Stables.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Morton Street Mews by OPaL | First Round of Wire Frames

There may be no color yet, but you can already see how great our homes at Morton Street Mews will be.  The project will consist of 26, two-level condominium homes.  Half will be constructed in eight, all new brownstones while the balance of the homes will a part of the church renovation we will be doing onsite.
Below are the initial wire frame renderings that are made prior to adding color, landscaping and other details.  The church, not visible here, will be uber cool!  Can't wait to see that piece of the the puzzle.

Perspective of Sherman and Morton Street brownstones.

The Best Kept Secret in DC is about to get OPaLed

Forrest Hills is one of the best kept secrets in DC.  Socked between Connecticut Ave. and Rock Creek Park is this wonderful little pocket of super nice homes.  This week we will be tearing down a home we bought this fall to begin construction of our first home in the neighborhood.
The lot is AMAZING, it sits 20' above Fessenden Street, NW with two huge and historic trees in the front yard.  The rear of the lot is on one of those cute alleys, where the garage for our new home will be built.

This is the home we will be razing this week.  It's a cute house but in bad disrepair.  

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

You Know We Love Great Words

Our new and totally revamped webpage is almost done and I just received some of the new copy to used on the new site......and its FABULOUS and totally OPaL. We work with the best copy writer this side of Texas, she just gets OPaL.  I'll post the new OPaLdc.com in a few days....it's a work of art.  Until then check out our new copy......

There’s a new consciousness emerging in America. It’s a philosophy that values quality over quantity. Conservation over consumerism. And compassion over intolerance. It’s not just in the ways we think and act, it’s in the way we want to live.

OPaL is re-envisioning the way homes are built to accommodate the early adopters of this new sensibility. Whenever possible, we build on previously developed land, reducing the impact of growth and preserving open spaces. We find close-in locations to conserve on commuting costs and offer a walk-able lifestyle. Include high-efficiency materials and systems in our homes. Use southern-facing light in creative, energy-saving ways. And emphasize casual family spaces and the special touches that warm your home with light and life.

Unlike a large homebuilder, OPaL can design homes based the values your family holds most dear, rather than focusing solely on mass marketability and shareholder value. We share your passion for making small changes that create a big impact on the world. One day all homes will support more conscious ways of living. Until then, there’s OPaL.

Others may build by the hundreds, but OPaL builds by the handfuls. It’s the best way to ensure every home is built under the eye, by the hand and to the specifications of our exacting team of experts. Quantity is for those who measure value on a spreadsheet. Quality is for those who measure it by a life well lived.