Monday, June 30, 2014

OPaL Wins National Design Awards and Project of the Year

This weekend in San Francisco, I accepted the two most prestigious awards OPaL has ever won at the 2014 Gold Nugget Awards. We were honored with initially winning Multi-Family Housing Project under 18 Acres for Naylor Court Stables. Which by itself is amazing.  However, as the final awards were given out, Naylor Court Stables was also awarded PROJECT OF THE YEAR.  This just blows me away.  Entries were from around the globe, including Asia and Canada, along with the most amazing residential projects from across the United States.  

The judges statement sums it up:: Naylor Court Stables "sends an important message, the carriage house and stable-type buildings possess an appealing scale that's ripe for being replicated in blighted urban areas and in new communities, too."

My friend Rob joined me to help carry the awards.

The Gold Nugget Awards are sponsored PCBC. PCBC is the official annual event of the Leading Builders of America (LBA) and is endorsed by their members.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

OPaL's First Home in Rehoboth Beach Comes to a Conclusion, Just in Time for #2

Words simply will never do this home justice, it's a stunner! Blending in and standing alone at the same time.  Blending in because the home is the quintessential beach house. Standing along because it raises the bar of what's expected in Rehoboth Beach new construction architecture and design.

Oyster shell driveway is just the prelude to what's inside!

Ah, the L in OPaL (Lucy) makes a surprise visit.

Nice touch gents!