Friday, September 12, 2014

'A Hymn Without Words' by Frank Harmon

A few months ago the National Association of Home Builders and Builder Magazine offered me the opportunity to be a judge for a national architecture competition. Once there I met the other judges, a group of uber successful men and woman from across the country. I was honored to be included. During a lunch break one of my fellow judges told me about a blog she follows regularly called Native Places.  It's written by well known architect, Frank Harmon.  He writes about special places from around the world with a short description of the building or public space and includes a very simple yet beautiful water color that he himself created.

As OPaL nears the start of our renovation of a modest church in DC, I was struck by his post this week about a small chapel in the South and the water color he included with the post.  It's a lovely tribute you might enjoy.

Water color by Frank Harmon, a very special architect.

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