Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Biggest Dilemma of 2014?

Over the summer I was a judge in a national architecture competition for Builder Magazine.  It was very clear to all of the judges which designs would rise to the top. The top two homes were in Healdsburg, CA and the Hamptons. Both homes were simple with clean lines. Modern takes on a classic shape.  A triangle on top of a square.  No overhangs, no trim, simple and clean windows.  

I couldn't stop thinking about those two homes.  Modern but familiar.

So when we bought a vacant lot in Rehoboth Beach I knew what I wanted to build. I asked our architect to design a home similar in form, though much smaller than the homes I judged. Now I am torn as to whether I'd like to add a touch of color.  Either to the window sashes or maybe the metal roof.  Does that kill the design or make the home more beachy? After all, who wants a white home at the beach? Or, how amazing would a mono-tone, modern classic be at the shore?

One of the homes I judged last summer from Healdsburg, Claifornia

The home is a full time residence to a family who moved from NYC after 911

Just amazing! Simple. Clean. Modern but familiar.

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