Monday, January 26, 2015

Back from Vegas and The Best Part of the Trip Wasn't What You'd Expect from a Single, 44 Year Old

I was in Las Vegas last week for the International Builders Show (where OPaL won three National Design Awards and I was asked to speak in a session called Urban Development, Small Sites for Big Success).  All of that was wonderful, but you know, Vegas isn't one of my favorite cities. It's no Chicago or San Fran or NYC.  That said, a good friend of mine gave me a fun and super easy book to read, Steal Like an Artist.  I read it on the flight home (that's how easy it is to read) and I simply loved it. 

The point of the book:  No one invents anything. No one does anything for the first time.  Most creative people, if they're honest, are observant and have the ability to take concepts and ideas from hundreds of places, combine them and make them their own.  I loved this little book and just bought four copies to give out.

Given all of the dog eared pages, I must have enjoyed the book.

The note I found on the inside of my copy.

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Unknown said...

Read it thanks to your blog, terrific.
thanks Sterling