Monday, March 30, 2015

What's the saying? Go Big or Go Home. Well, How About Go Big and Go Home, At The Same Time

I'm digging our ad campaign for Morton Street Mews.  We will be taking full advantage of 'size' to market our new row home condos just steps from all the fun on 11th Street. Our new homes will range from 1200 square feet to nearly 2000 square feet, all with parking, all on 2-3 levels and most with outdoor space.  

Does DC living get any better?

OPaL ad for Washington Blade

Friday, March 20, 2015

OPaL in Forest Hills, DC | Almost Ready for Its Close-Up

OPaL's first home in Forest Hills, just off Connecticut Ave, will be offered for sale this time next week for $3.2m. The home is our most grand home at over 6,500 square feet with 6 bedrooms, a circular sunroom, detached two-car garage, sitting high above Fessenden and behind two historic trees....the setting is just wonderful.  Does DC living get any better?

Love the art, love the lighting, love P Four's interiors.

Under Cabinet Windows....Who Knew?

How come all of our homes look like a vacation home?  It's on purpose!

One of the chandeliers we saved from a church we are renovating into condos this summer.

A secret reading nook is hidden in this entry hall.

There it is, but you'll never find it unless you know where to look.