Thursday, December 24, 2015

Can I Quote You?

Let me share some of the nice comments people have said while touring our homes at Morton Street Mews::
  • "Best new homes I've ever seen"
  • "The finishes are outstanding"
  • "Who's the architect? Everything is so thoughtfully done."
  • "Umm, how am I  supposed to go back to my ordinary home after this?"  My personal favorite.
  • "This bathroom is straight out of a Four Seasons Hotel" Well, I actually said this, but it still counts because it's true.

Master Bath with Kohler fixtures, porcelain sinks and a ton of granite and marble! Really is like a room at the Four Seasons.

Hmmm, a master bath with a private water closet and even a linen closet....WOW!

Even the towel bars are handsome!  That's so OPaL

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