Friday, May 27, 2016

An OPaL Memorial Day 2016

You might enjoy 'non-professional' photos of an OPaL home at the beach. This is how to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend with friends in an OPaL home.

Love, love our entryway. The sun and the trees, simply make you feel better.

My favorite magazine, Coastal Living. Yep, I still enjoy the hard copy version.
My kid's corner. If you ever have a chance to meet Maddie & Paddy your life will be improved right away, like mine was.

Ah, the sun. Nothing lets in the sun better than an OPaL home, seriously nothing!


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Little Park View, DC Will Never Be the Same

Over the next two years there will be an additional 600 housing units developed within a few block of OPaL's Morton Street Mews. Which means more new neighbors to meet out for a cocktail at one of the super fun places on 11th St (um, remember that's 76 steps from your front door). Here are two notable developments, one of which is in the next block south of Morton Street Mews.

All great news for our homeowners.  

Bruce Monroe Park / 273 New Apartments & Condos at Georgia Ave and Irving Streets NW

Holladay Corp's Linen Warehouse / 250 New Apartment on Lamont St NW

Thursday, May 5, 2016

When God Closes a Door He Has an Open House in an Old Church.

Or something like that. We can now show the homes in OPaL's WS Pittman Church at Morton Street Mews. Open every weekend 12-5. Stop by for a tour. This is one exciting project.
  • Two bedroom homes from $900,000
    • each 2 BR home with gated garden and secure parking
  • Three bedroom homes from $1,295,000
    • each 3 BR home with 2 roof terraces and secure parking