Monday, July 4, 2016

The Sudden Loss of Lucy; A Loyal Companion and the L in OPaL

Our beloved Lucy lost a very sudden bought with a rare immune disease last week. In just three days she was gone. Lucy was an incredible dog. Smarter than most people. Loyal as the day is long. Kind and gentle.

I bought her as a Christmas gift to my partner at the time, many years ago. She was also the L in OPaL, which stands for the dogs in our lives at the time we named the company: Oliver, Parker and Lucy. She will be missed beyond measure. 

My mom used to say, 'as painful as the loss of a dog is, you would never trade the pain for not having had the dog in your life.' My mom's point was that the sorrow is a small price to pay for the joy they brought into our lives. 

Lucy Ruppert-Evans will be missed and never forgotten.

My favorite photo of her.

Parker (the P in OPaL) and Lucy at the beach on Thanksgiving, circa 2009.

The painting I had done by an artist in the Torpedo Factory for the OPaL website.

Lucy in one of our custom homes.