Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Shed Story

You know you need a shed when the pool toys are scattered around the patio and landscaping. My first call was to our favorite Colorado architect who designed our home. I just knew he would have clever, cute and petit ideas for a storage shed that would either blend with our home or be a contemporary divergent.

Our goals were easy:: 
  • Design a small structure that leans contemporary; detached from our guest house and second garage
  • Have the shed be simple in design and super easy and cheap to build
  • We would like one, simple garage door that can be just thrown open and left open almost all summer. Garage door should be contemporary with translucent panels.
  • Flooring should be simple decking material like Trex or the more affordable Azek
  • Utilize a modern lattice and gate to hide the pool equipment between the guest house and new shed
  • That's it. Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!
Below are the sketches he came up with. 

This stuff's got to go somewhere out of my site. Though the water bazookas are way awesome!

Too much like the house itself.

Love this! Modern and still visually similar to the house.

Super cool and mod! But not my favorite.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Digging Cluss Court Car Barn (literally and figuratively) by OPaL

OPaL's Cluss Court Car Barn will be one of our most memorable projects on Capitol Hill. Located on an quiet, residential alley with historic significance; our homes will be incorporated into the original car barn built in 1924. Just one block from the Buchanan School townhomes, now selling and our Watkins Alley project, ground breaking in 2018, the location couldn't be any better. Very excited to see the first OPaL solo project come out of the ground, again.

The big dig. After taking down the roof and three existing walls, the foundation is dug.

We will be re-using every single brick in the new homes. Recycling at its best.

Thursday, June 8, 2017


With the help of Loch Collective we have overhauled the landscape plan for Watkins Alley on Capitol Hill.  Below are just a few of the new images and design thoughts. With angular knee walls to create gathering places and raised, wooden walkways that will look like floating paths, both courtyards at Watkins Alley will be just incredible places for our future homeowners to engage with each other or take a moment for themselves.  The DITTO and OPaL teams are super excited to begin this project in 2018.