Monday, July 31, 2017

Loving our Instagram Pics for Watkins Alley

Our ad agency for Watkins Alley just sent over the best graphic pics for us to use on Instagram. Now we need to have as many followers on Instagram as we do on this super popular blog (thats so OPaL).

Friday, July 14, 2017

OPaL Wins 3 National Awards for Design & Architecture on the Left Coast

My partner and I just got back from an incredible trip to San Diego and Los Angeles where OPaL was honored with 3 national awards for design and architecture. This time for Pittman's Chapel, Morton Street Mews and New Union Garage. I can't convey what an honor is it to be recognized in California for our work on the east coast. New Union Garage even won Multi-Family Project of the Year going up against projects not only from the US but also Asia, South America and Canada. Pretty Awesome, right?!  This is actually the second time our little company from DC has won this award. The last time in 2013 with Naylor Court Stables.

Hope you enjoy our photos.....

My partner, Jason, and I in front of Pittman's Chapel photo board.

That's me up on stage.

Our table mate. She won best Custom Home over 8,000 sf for an incredible, $30 million mansion she designed in Aspen.

Don't know her, but we thought she looked great!

The San Diego Convention Center and the Gold Nugget Awards

The catering was great too!

The awards made it through the TSA, even though they thought the trophy was a block of cheese on the scanner!