Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Cookie's Sunroom Addition & Jason and My Beach House Sunroom and Front Porch Additions:: That's So OPaL

With our first snow storm of the year headed our way tomorrow an update on two sunrooms and a front porch is needed to remind us that today is the first day of spring 2018. What better way to ignore the snow by celebrating these OPaL additions that will be such great spaces to enjoy this summer!

Still missing the clear story on the roof but you can already see what a great space this will be for Cookie and Brian to enjoy!

This beach house has been Transformed with a capital T! What a difference a front porch makes.

We also converted this side patio into a sunroom. In warmer weather, with the windows open, you will be able to hear the ocean from this new room!

We can't wait to gobble fruit and popsicles this summer on our new front porch! Just like we do on our front porch in Cabin John! Isn't this the cutest thing?!  That's So OPaL

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