Sunday, April 29, 2018

OPaL Welcomes Obie. The Next O in OPaL

The original O in OPaL (Oliver) passed away in 2004; The P in OPaL (Parker) has been gone just a few years and we lost the L in OPaL (Lucy) just 18 months ago. Now that my twins are almost five I began thinking it was a good age to have another dog.

Meet Obie. The next O in OPaL!

Obie just arrived at our home yesterday as a surprise for the kids. He is a BerneDoodle and I drove a 15 hour round trip to South Carolina on Friday to pick him up. Barring a fall in the pool yesterday and a few 'whoopsies' on the floor yesterday, he seems to fit in perfectly.

Obie the BerneDoodle

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Multigenerational Homes by OPaL / Kensington / Montgomery County

Found this cute little, multigenerational image online.

A few years ago on this blog I wrote about the guest apartment we were building adjacent our new home off MacArthur Blvd in Cabin John. This wouldn't be a normal guest apartment, it would be my mom's new home and what would end up being her final. With an elevator, full kitchen, simple bathroom, laundry and even a small balcony, Granny would hopefully feel right at home. In this new, tiny home of hers, she would be safe, see her grandkids whenever she wanted and she would have some independence too.

In today's Washington Post there is a great article about the growing trend of multigenerational homes that you may find interesting.

OPaL's latest project in Montgomery County will offer family size homes with elevators and in-law suites under one roof. The Manors | Kensington opens for sales in just a few weeks. Just steps from Westfield Wheaton Mall and Metro the homes are infinitely walkable, both inside and out!