Sunday, April 29, 2018

OPaL Welcomes Obie. The Next O in OPaL

The original O in OPaL (Oliver) passed away in 2004; The P in OPaL (Parker) has been gone just a few years and we lost the L in OPaL (Lucy) just 18 months ago. Now that my twins are almost five I began thinking it was a good age to have another dog.

Meet Obie. The next O in OPaL!

Obie just arrived at our home yesterday as a surprise for the kids. He is a BerneDoodle and I drove a 15 hour round trip to South Carolina on Friday to pick him up. Barring a fall in the pool yesterday and a few 'whoopsies' on the floor yesterday, he seems to fit in perfectly.

Obie the BerneDoodle

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