Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Loving our Proposed Home for V Street & 17th NW

After my ARC meeting last night for another project we are doing in Cleveland Park, I needed to share something positive. Check out the updated elevations for OPaL's all new home in the Striver Historic District of the Adams Morgan / U Street corridor.

Currently a very tiny, triangularly shaped, vacant lot in one of the best neighborhoods of our Nation's Capital, this home will only be 450 square feet on each level. Totaling 1,500 square feet and maxing out our lot coverage.

How incredibly unique and creative is this home? It leans just a tad modern with contemporary metal bays and 4th level turret. Though the body of the structure pays respect to the Richardsonian Romanesque Architecture that makes up the rest of the row.

When I moved to DC in 1994, I lived near this site. Used walked my dog, Parker (the P in OPaL) on this vacant lot many, many time (yes, I picked up). I adore the older homes in the row, we used to call them Hobbit Homes (I think that's the nickname given the architecture by the neighborhood) because of the low, wide arch over the front doors. It is a great area, terrific row of homes and OPaL would honored to be apart of the area.

Thanks to our architect, Greg from GPS Designs in Minturn, CO, for these incredible elevations. They are totally OPaL.

1717 V Street NW, front elevation.

V Street elevation.