Wednesday, May 1, 2019


If you know OPaL, then you know we love a great entry to a home. There is something intangible and subconscious that a great foyer or entry hall does to your mood every time you come and go. They make you feel better. They make you have better thoughts. And if they're an OPaL entry hall they make you proud too! Here are a few of my favorites from the just the past 4 years of OPaL. (I'd be here all day if I dug deeper into the OPaL photo vault.)

See that black front door? It leads to an interior courtyard that then leads to the homes actual front door. That's So OPaL.

One of my favorite OPaL entry halls. We love a great site line that ends in an art wall, a window or a fireplace.

This one is literally OPaL. Our office is in this house.

Fessenden Street NW goes full out OPaL with this entry hall.

Kensington never saw this townhome foyer coming! What a bright and wonderful site line ending in an art wall.
That's So OPaL.

Have you seen a cuter foyer? Probably not.