Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Jocko's in the House!

I have a great friend, Jocko Fajardo. He is one of the most creative people I know. And  because of what I do for a living, I am literally surrounded by creative people. From Greg, our architect and Shawn and Jill, our interior designers and the entire team at Lyons & Sucher Advertising; I have creative people everywhere around me. But Jocko, is on another level. He is a guy of many talents, from cooking to party planning to flower arrangement, he can do it all. 

In looking for away to thank our clients of kitchen renovations we have asked Jocko to prepare either a brunch for those clients in their new kitchens. I know they will love him and whatever amazing meal he prepares for them!

Meet Jocko
Flowers Jocko created for a party in our home this past summer!

The note Jocko created as an invitation to our client's in-home brunch.
Spices Jocko brought home from Israel.

The completed gift, wrapped by my super talented friend, Jocko.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Jason Woodward Joins OPaL as Chief Operating Officer

Jason Woodward / Press Release::

Jason Woodward at OPaL's Watkins Alley project.
44 Units | Capitol Hill.

Another First For An Award-Winning Area Homebuilder

Army and government veteran tapped as COO of boutique homebuilder, OPaL.

Cabin John, MD, September 2019—Sean Ruppert, Principal and Owner of regional boutique developer, OPaL, announces the appointment of the company’s first Chief Operating Officer, Jason Woodward. Together, Ruppert and Woodward will drive the future of this award-winning organization.

Woodward brings military pride and precision to the many processes that go into the building or historic renovation of OPaL homes. Most recently, he served as the Assistant Inspector General in the Office of Management and Administration for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. In addition to supervising 150 people, he was responsible for operational planning, internal oversight, budgetary matters, space planning and facilities management, human resources management and the operations of the Office of the Inspector General’s national hotline.

“Jason’s professional background translates perfectly to managing the many details that go into ensuring OPaL’s urban developments, custom homes, and historic renovations are delivered on-time, on-budget and within parameters,” says Ruppert. “His skills are invaluable to the continued success of our organization. ”

A native of Kansas, Jason is also a military veteran, having served eight years in the US Army in various logistical and operations positions. He holds a trio of master’s degrees—in Business Administration, Public Health, and Nutrition—as well as a master’s certificate in Key Leadership.

“Working as COO at OPaL requires a lot attention to detail, scheduling, coordinating with suppliers, and most importantly, financial oversight. These are the same skills I’ve honed over the years in my public sector jobs. Because OPaL only builds and renovates a small number of homes each year, I will have the chance to invest more of myself into each project and see the results on the faces of the families who live there. I look forward to the gratification that will bring,” says Woodward.


About OPaL
Based in Cabin John, MD, OPaL is a local builder specializing in developing small, well-located, close-in communities. With 20 years of experience in the homebuilding industry and numerous awards, OPaL's extraordinary vision brings a whole new dimension to the Washington, DC housing market. The company builds only a handful of new townhomes and single-family homes each year, preferring quality, individuality and location over cookie-cutter appeal. All of the more than 250 homes built by OPaL since its inception are characterized by truly unique architecture, impeccable details and deep thought for the lifestyles of their owners. To learn more, visit www.opaldc.com