Thursday, June 25, 2020

LITTLE RED CHAPEL by OPaL | Capitol Hill | Unit A

Sometimes, we just sit in this home. Quietly. Thinking. Sometimes in the dining room. Sometimes in the master bedroom or the loft. This home is just about the perfect city home....unique, pretty, unpretentious, well located and just so darn charming.

Those tall, clear-view windows, hand made, with just a hint of stain glass. Impossibly perfect.

Charming. That's it. Just so....Charming.

A master bedroom with 3 exposures and this cute view of D Street.

The front patios are like the front porch you remember from your Grand Mom's house.
Elevated from the sidewalk. Behind a hedge of boxwoods. Just like her house.

You could use this patio for table space or maybe a fountain in the center or an elevated koi pond!

This photo quickly became the most iconic and most famous photo on our Google web search.
You can understand why. It's amazing.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

LITTLE RED CHAPEL by OPaL | Capitol Hill | Unit B

The most contemporary home we have ever done. This home is so special to us; it has a way of just making you feel better about your day. Truly. And who doesn't need that these days? 

All that glass.

A home as unique as you are.


A guest room for the ages.

A main level where the TV is not the center of attention. It's about time.
In this home, the TV rests in the rec-room below.

A window seat with a view. As it should be.

Wait for that crape myrtle to grow and bloom! You can thank us later.

A master suite you'd expect in the Manhattan Four Seasons!